The Houston Chapter of the Gypsy MC was chartered on February 1, 1998. The previous fall in October 1997, Erdin-Erdin, Gypsy MC International President, approved Cowboy's request to establish the Houston Chapter. Ten Charter members of the Houston Gypsy MC formed the Chapter. Cowboy became our first President, Captain Too High was Vice President, Watchman was Treasurer, Miss Bossie was Secretary, and Ringer was Sergeant at Arms.

Our Chapter continued from 1998 with Cowboy as President. Additional members joined the chapter, and some members left. Big Casino, Little Bit, Mouthpiece, and Smirnoff joined in 1998. Breeze came back into the Gypsys in November 1998. 

Raoul came in during the late summer and fall of 2001. Buff-It, Shiney, Eyeball, Super Chief, and Silent Bob joined our chapter as new members in 2002. Gentle Joe and Miss Daisy transferred from Eagle Pass early in 2003. The chapter grew to nearly twenty members by the end of 2003, and by 2004 it became evident that we needed to spin off a group of members to accommodate two distinct groups that had developed within the chapter. The Bayou City Chapter formed in October 2004, and was formally recognized at the Gypsy MC President’s meeting that December. RCowgirl, who joined us in 2004, died in 2005. In 2005, the GMCH began emphasizing the old school tradition of hard riding and hard partying. We became far more visible within the Gypsy MC nation as we started attending Gypsy events regardless of how far they were from home. Mouthpiece brought in a new member, High Stakes, in September 2006. In February 2007 we patched in Billy G. Later in 2007 Bill the Cat transferred to Houston. Courage, a rider who had hung out with us for two years, died shortly after receiving his patch in 2008. 

We continued our growth in 2008 when we brought Bobby back into the Gypsy MC. Bobby had been a Gypsy in Corpus Christi in the early 1970s, and had ridden with our founder, Papa Jack, as well as Bobby's brother, Black Rocker Mac, along with Hacksaw, Hombre, and many others who we think of as the elder statesmen in the club. 

In 2009 two members, Wango Tango and Woody, transferred into GMCH By mid-year we began the process of grooming new prospects for membership in the chapter. El Cabrito, High Stakes’ son, had been hanging out with the chapter for several years before declaring his interest and becoming a member in December 2010. Another prospect, Millhouse, had been a Houston member in the past, but left the chapter for personal reasons in 2006. He maintained friendships with several members, and was welcomed back in May 2009. By the way, we did not just hand him his patch back. He prospected just like he did when he first came into the club, and got his patch in July 2009. In October, Q-Tip, who had also been hanging out with us, voiced his intent to become a member. We accepted him as a prospect at our October meeting and had him in his prospect colors for the Calallen Halloween Party. Q-Tip became a member in February 2010. 

Captain Too High decided to retire from active membership at Mandatory 2010. Woody moved from Houston to the San Antonio area in the fall of 2010 and transferred into the New Braunfels chapter. Q-Tip left the club in early 2011. Raoul was appointed International Internet Officer in April 2011. He sewed on his red rockers and moved from the Houston Chapter to International at the 2011 Mandatory. 

We met a rider in the summer of 2010 at Sputnik’s Memorial service who hung around until December when he started prospecting. We could tell that he fit the GMCH lifestyle of long rides and serious commitment. He earned his patch at Mandatory in 2011 and is known as Big Jew. 

During that same time, we met another serious rider in May 2011 who began prospecting at the December President’s Meeting. He earned his patch at Mandatory 2012, and now goes by the road name Truck. 

During the summer of 2012, High Stakes, Billy G, and El Cabrito turned in their colors. We met a rider during the summer of 2012 who we began calling "J2." He began prospecting for us in December 2012. He was in a serious accident, however, and finally handed in his colors in 2015 when he moved north. 

At Mandatory in 2014, our long-time member and former president, Eyeball, decided to retire to the USA chapter.

In the spring of 2015, Millhouse transferred back into the Houston chapter. We also welcomed another transfer, B-Sly.

Then, about a year later in early 2016, we welcomed Goldfinger and Lippy into GMCH.

Our chapter is active and shows up at many runs. Our members enjoy riding motorcycles together and sharing the biker lifestyle. We look forward to more rides, parties, and good times with members in our chapter, Area A Gypsys, and Gypsys from all over the world.

Written by Truck and Raoul

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